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The Kimberley Coastal Camp is among the most exclusive travelling fishing destinations at the upper end of Australia. Isolated and pristine, the focus is on creating a romantic setting whilst reducing the effect on the local surroundings.

Nestled on the pristine beaches of the Admiralty Gulf reverse the Mitchell Plateau in Western Australia, the Kimberley Coastal Camp cannot be obtained by road Fishing In Australia. Arrival is by a stunning floatplane encounter with an astonishing water landing or a thrilling helicopter move right onto the shore facing the camp.

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Guests may expect to experience compromised Quolls, Olive Pythons, Sea Eagles and many other indigenous creatures in the area known to the standard landowners as’Yalrundair’.

The camp is very isolated with access restricted to a privileged few. For a destination a float plane and helicopter are crucial.

Outstanding Fishing Expertise

Setting the benchmark at distant place tropical sports fishing, Kimberley Coastal Camp is located amidst the pristine waters of the Admiralty Gulf at the far north west Kimberley area of Western Australia. Considered loosely to be among the best fishing areas in Australia.

The Admiralty Gulf is recognized as one of the greatest fishing destinations in Australia using a vast array of fishing and species alternatives to relish. Kimberley Coastal Camp is among those very few fishing tour operations which comprise undertake in an unconditional basis.

This is a genuine favourable when one considers the option to experience some tackle reduction given the wonderful assortment of large predatory fish available In any 1 day, it is possible to catch much different fish out of Barramundi into Blue Fin Tuna.

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Enormous tidal rivers collectively with mangrove-lined creeks, estuaries, apartments, offshore reefs and islands in addition to crystal clear blue waters; guarantee an exciting selection of fishing choices. Kimberley Coastal Camp is among very few fishing destinations in Australia able to provide such varied selection into the travelling fisherman.

Located right on the ground, Kimberley Coastal Camp delivers immediate accessibility and no place itineraries using a huge expanse of water to research. Fish all day, daily or perhaps after a morning’s fishing require your catch ashore on a deserted island flanked by Boab trees and also possess your own host and direct cook it for you’bush style’ on the coals. Just take a while to trap a couple of salty sand crabs in the mangrove-lined creeks and also have the chef prepare to a liking to the evening meal.

The camp works on an easy catch and release arrangement so just people fish destined for the table is going to be retained. Sustainable fishing methods are encouraged in any way times.

Getting Into The Kimberley Coastal Camp

Commercial flights function to our most popular departure stage, Kununurra, everyday, along with other passing points, Broome and Darwin.

For the adventuresome traveling fisherman – it is possible to organize a relationship with all the decks helicopter in the world-famous’Gibb River Road’. Vehicles may be left at the Mitchell Plateau.

Travelling in the East Coast of Australia, Kirkhope Aviation provides flights shape Victoria and New South Wales. This choice is excellent for anybody with time limitations or people who are searching for a tailored package.

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Nestled amongst the reddish sandstone and indigenous grasses, generous guest gazebos provide privacy and relaxation. Comfort and luxury abounds, providing the perfect retreat after a strong days fishing.

A broad open sided pavilion, hand-built with recycled wood with high raked ceilings, is the perfect spot to discuss the day’s fishing experiences. Relax and unwind with a book from the library, then listen to your songs, or just enjoy the sound of waves lapping on the coast.

The swimming pool with beautiful water perspectives is the best spot to cool off in the close of the day with an icy cold drink in hand, before some yummy entrée served together with all the most breathtaking of Kimberley sunsets.

Wonderful gourmet meals are supplied at the Kimberley Coastal Camp. Wild saltwater Barramundi directly from the sea, succulent oysters plucked from the stones, yummy mud crabs taken in the mangrove lined creeks or a simple pizza garnished with lavender and drizzled with olive oil, the cuisine is certain to please the most discerning guest.

There are a very few areas on the planet where you may enjoy such amazing scenery, delicious gourmet meals, unique and luxury beach front lodging, world-class fishing and magnificent ancient rock art – all combined with unparalleled lodging at a remote wilderness location.

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