Communities to Include On Your Hilton Head Island Property Search

Hilton Head features a few of the most prized coastal lands on the planet. In the personal, elite areas of Wexford and Long Cove into the bustling recreational communities which include the Palmetto Dunes Resort, the region has something to offer virtually every homebuyer.

Hilton Head Island Property Search

But so do a number of the regions that surround it, and their houses may cost significantly less than those that you find in the staircase.

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If you’re thinking about purchasing a house in the area make certain to inquire Hilton Head real estate agents about neighboring places like Daufuskie Island and Bluffton since you set out on a Hilton Head Island real estate search Property Heads. You could come across a location you enjoy just as much, or more than your principal destination, and also you may perhaps save money by having a home in that place.

Should you prefer to get dropped in character while staying near culture, Daufuskie Island is the spot to get it done. Located just off the southern near Savannah, the region sits in the southernmost tip of South Carolina, also contains five different regions: the northeast, that includes the exclusive Haig Point Club; the east, at which the oceanfront community of Oak Ridge is located; the southeast, that includes an elite hotel and spa; the south-east, where the personal community of Bloody Point is situated; and the west, where both tourists and residents reside on unincorporated land in a variety of forms of lodging.

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Having a scene and climate which make it feel just like a tropical heaven, Daufuskie Island exudes the simple lifestyle, and then a few. With no bridge or strip of urban improvement insight, the majority of men and women travel the region by golf cart, bicycle, or on foot. If you’re searching for comfort, make sure you include this region on your Hilton Head Island real estate search.

Found in the high country of South Carolina, Palmetto Bluff sits a Couple of miles north-west of Savannah. Living structures in Palmetto Bluff are split between three regions: The Headwaters, that includes family compounds that typical twenty-five acres each; The Village, that provides various kinds of dwelling spaces and includes a general store, a bookstore, a post office, and other lodging; and May River Forrest, that includes waterfront and marsh front homesites and homes situated on the Jack Nicklaus Golf Course.

Very similar to Hilton Head, Palmetto Bluff presents varied living accommodations and diversion. Whether you require residential solitude, a place where your family can unwind in the summertime, a fantastic golfing and fishing place, or three, Palmetto Bluff is a terrific fantastic to live.


Whether you intend to purchase a coastal house within an investment or a way to relocate, recall Daufuskie Island and Bluffton offer exactly the exact same sort of lifestyle as Hilton Head. The sole distinction is their houses and buildings may cost less to purchase.

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